CERIC Center of Excellence for Research on Inflammation and Cardiovascular disease

The CERIC faculty consists of 15 principal investigators and 5 adjunct investigators whose research interests are described below.
The development of cardiovascular disease (CVD) is dependent both on metabolic and inflammatory events and it is the most common cause of premature death in many chronic inflammatory diseases (CID). In spite of this, our understanding of the chronic inflammatory mechanisms that contribute to CVD is limited. CERIC will address this problem in a novel way, utilizing resources and opportunities already at hand in experimental and clinical research to form a world-leading research environment, where it will be possible to study the molecular pathogenesis of CID and CVD in well-defined clinical materials and animal models.
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A video animation illustrating how the disease process of atherosclerosis starts in the coronary artery, how it expands over time and how it can ultimately cause myocardial infarction can be viewed at this link.

CERIC Steering Committee

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Göran Hansson
Coordinator. Read more
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Marie Wahren-Herlenius
Co-coordinator. Read more
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Jesper Z. Haeggström

CERIC Faculty

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Cecilia Söderberg-Naucler
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Birgitta Agerberth
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Anders Hamsten
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Rikard Holmdahl
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Lars Klareskog
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Mona Ståhle
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Tomas Olsson
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Per Eriksson
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Jesper Tegner
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Vivianne Malmström
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Johan Askling
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Thomas Renné

CERIC Adjunct Faculty

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Stephen Malin
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Magnus Bäck
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Helena Erlandsson Harris
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Lars Maegdefessel
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Craig Wheelock