CERIC Center of Excellence for Research on Inflammation and Cardiovascular disease

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Dept of Medicine Solna, Clinical Epidemiology Unit & Rheumatology Unit
Clinical Epidemiology Unit T2:01, Karolinska University Hospital Solna

Phone +46 8 517 756 09

Group members

Elizabeth Arkema, ScD
Johan Askling, MD, PhD (Group Leader)
Thomas Bergman, PhD
Katharina Büsch, MSc
Jonas Eriksson, MSc
Thomas Frisell, PhD
Karin Hellgren, MD, PhD
Marie Holmqvist, MD, PhD
Kari Johansson, PhD
Lotta Ljung, MD, PhD
Martin Neovius, PhD
Pauline Raaschou, MD
Julia Simard, ScD

Johan Askling

Clinical epidemiological studies on disease etiology, co-morbidity, drug-safety, and outcome, mainly in RA, and particularly in relation to biological therapies, building on the combination of clinical quality of care registers, such as the Swedish Biologics Register, with research databases and national Swedish registers. The association between chronic inflammation as in RA, and risk of cardiovascular diseases is of particular interest.

Research interactions with CERIC

  • Clinical epidemiological studies on risks and characteristics of CV diseases in different patient segments as defined by diseases severity and treatment exposures.
  • Etiologically oriented studies of risk factors/drivers of the risks for CV diseases in patients with chronic inflammatory diseases.
  • Using clinical epidemiological methods and combinations of large-scale data as sampling frames for mechanistically/etiologically oriented studies e.g., on biomarkers.
  • The role of TNF inhibitors on CV risk and outcome.