CERIC Center of Excellence for Research on Inflammation and Cardiovascular disease

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Associate Professor, Center for Molecular Medicine, L8:03, Karolinska University Hospital, 17176 Stockholm
Department of Cardiology, Karolinska University Hospital

Phone +46 8 517 700 00
Fax +46 8 313 147

Group members

Andrés Laguna Fernandez (Post Doc)
Marcelo Petri (PhD student)
Kari Feldt (PhD student)
Teodora Andonova (Research student)
Miguel Carracedo (Research student)

Magnus Bäck

Associate Professor Magnus Bäck is senior consultant in cardiology and research team leader at the Center for Molecular Medicine. The research undertaken has two main focuses: lipid mediators and valvular heart disease.

Lipid mediators can either act as proinflammatory stimuli (e.g. leukotrienes) or participate in the resolution of inflammation (e.g. lipoxins). Our aim is to unravel the role of lipid mediators in cardiovascular inflammation and its resolution, and how these pathways can be targeted as therapeutic interventions in cardiovascular disease. Our research has provided mechanistic insights into the role of leukotriene signaling in atherosclerosis, and through a pharmacoepidemiological approach we translated this into clinical findings, indicating beneficial effects of leukotriene receptor antagonism in terms of reducing cardiovascular risk.

The third most common cardiovascular pathology, after ischemic heart disease and hypertension, is valvular heart disease. We were the first to identify a possible role of leukotriene signaling in the calcification and obstruction of the aortic valve causing aortic stenosis. Since no medical treatment has hitherto proved to be efficacious in slowing down valvular calcification, we are presently further exploring the potential therapeutic role of the lipid mediator (and other) pathways in aortic stenosis.

The group is focusing on translational research, with approaches ranging from clinical epidemiological, echocardiographic and biomarkers studies, through experimental analysis of human tissues and cells, to basic experimental mechanistic studies.

Research interactions with CERIC

  • Lipid mediators of inflammation and resolution in cardiovascular disease.
  • Atherosclerosis and vascular inflammation.
  • The role of inflammation in valvular heart disease.
  • Mechanisms of valvular and vascular calcification.