CERIC Center of Excellence for Research on Inflammation and Cardiovascular disease

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Department of Medicine, Division of Rheumatology at Karolinska University Hospital

Phone +46 8 524 877 81

Group members

Leonid Padyukov
Johan Askling
Lars Alfredsson
Marie Gunnarsson
Elisabet Svenungsson

Lars Klareskog

The Rheumatology research at the Department of Medicine, Solna contains three collaborating units, i.e. the clinical unit working with clinical surveillance, clinical trials etc, the epidemiological unit working with clinical and etiological epidemiology, and the rheumatology research laboratory, situated at CMM, located very close to the Rheumatology clinic. This physical closeness facilitates the logistics and the efficacy of the research work. The main emphasis of the research work is on inflammatory rheumatic diseases, in particular rheuamtoid arthritis, SLE, myositis and Sjögren´s disease. In parallel to the studies of the human disease, extensive work is also conducted on the characterization and use of animal models for arthritis.

Research interactions with CERIC

  • Etiology and treatment of cardiocvascular disease associated with RA.
  • Etiology and treatment of cardiovascular disease associated with SLE.
  • Comparative genetic studies in cardiovascular disease, rheumatic diseases and multiples sclerosis.