CERIC Center of Excellence for Research on Inflammation and Cardiovascular disease

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Karolinska InstituteDepartment of Medicine Center for Molecular Medicine, L8:03

Karolinska University Hospital S-171 76 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone +46 8 5177 6451
Fax +46 8 313147

Group members

Daniel Johansson – Postdoc
Katrina Habir – PhD Student
Monica Centa – PhD Student

Stephen Malin

I started my independent research group at CMM in 2011. My research concerns molecular and cellular aspect of adaptive immunity in health and disease. I mainly, but not exclusively, focus on B lymphocyte development and its perturbation into acute lymphoblastic leukemia, as well as pathogenic and protective functions of B cells in atherosclerosis and arthritis. I employ unique mouse mutants developed using conditional mutagenesis and combine this with next-generation sequencing to identify gene regulatory networks, or combine the strains with well-established disease models to investigate the contribution of humoral immunity to common autoimmunities. My lab is almost exclusively geared to producing in vivo results.

Research interactions with CERIC

  • A common mouse autoimmunity platform
  • The function of B cells in atherosclerosis
  • Pathogenic and protective functions of lymphocytes in arthritis
  • A inducible model of atherosclerosis