CERIC Center of Excellence for Research on Inflammation and Cardiovascular disease

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Unit of Computational Medicine Center for Molecular Medicine L8:05 Karolinska University Hospital 17176 Solna

Phone +46 8 517 762 42

Group members


Pernilla Appelquist (executive assistant)
Noemi Boix-Chova (IT Developer)
Raffaella Giugliano (Scientific Coordinator)
Peri Noori (Senior labtechnician)

Assistant Professors

Imad Abugessaisa
Roland Nilsson

Research Scientists

David Gomez-Cabrero
Yvonne Kallberg
Mingmei Shang

Szabolcs Elias
Sunjay Fernandes
Rubin Joshi
Kim Ng
Soudabeh Rad Pour
Fredrik Swartz
Giorgos Tsipras

Gordon Ball
Martin Blom
Ting Chen
Eric Lei Du
Nina Gustafsson Sheppard
Venky Kannan
Narsis Kiani
Francesco Marabita
Ananta Paine
Ana Rodriguez Sanchez
Angelika Schmidt
Gowhar Shafi
Gilad Silberberg
Hector Zenil

Jesper Tegner

Our aim is identify and enable quantitative understanding of molecular mechanisms of disease. To this end we perform integrated experimental and computational systems analysis of disease relevant experimental and computational model systems.

Our team is an integrated multi-disciplinary group of scientists from a variety of disci­plines such as mathematics, immunology, physics, cell and molecular biology, com­puter science, engineering, biotechnology and medicine. We are approximately 30 people where one-third performs experimental analysis whereas the other two-third develops and applies computational methods. We have a large international collaborative network including five on-going FP7 projects. In the computational medicine laboratory we have expertise and equipment covering the following areas (a) a fully equipped molecular biology laboratory, (b) expertise in bioinformatics, (c) mathematical modeling and computational biology, (d) an Illumina HighSeq2500 machine targeting RNAseq, exome seq, epigenomics, (e) Translational Informatics. These five pillars are used in different combinations in specific projects.

Specifically we work on

  • Method development enabling network based integration of several molecular data-types and health care data.
  • Methods for robust computational modeling of complex systems.
  • Translation Informatics: clinical and research Database integration. (T-MedFusion)
  • Experimental and computational analysis of Th17, Tregs, and their plasticity and reprogramming capabilities.
  • Experimental and computational analysis of Ikaros driven Bcell differentiation.
  • Experimental and computational Tumor immunology with special reference to Tcells (Melanoma, gliablastoma, viral infections).
  • Quantitative cellular metabolism.
  • Several international projects in Systems Medicine (COPD, Bcells, aging, combinatorial drug therapy – MS) and a Coordinating Support Action for Systems Medicine.

Research interactions with CERIC

  • Translational Informatics (Ass. Prof Imad Abugessaisa@compmed): RA (Holmdahl, Klareskog), Psoriasis (Ståhle), CVD (Hamsten).
  • Bioinformatics (Dr. Gomez-Cabrero@compmed): RNAseq analysis of Immune cells, MS (Olsson).
  • Viral infection & Adaptive Immunity (MD Giorgos Tsipras@compmed): CMV (Söderberg-Naucler).
  • Tumor-immunology (Midwife Rad Pour & Dr. Shafi@compmed): Metabolomic analysis of immune-melanoma interactions (Wheelock).