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Joint Inflammation

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What Causes Joint Inflammation?

Our bodies respond to any kind of allergies, infection or irritation – all of which are inflammation. Joint inflammation is specifically caused by either arthritis or any type of injury. However, this can be managed and treated effectively with medication and an anti-infammatory diet. Treating your body well and giving it the sustenance it needs will bring long-term relief.

I’m Still Standing

Any damaged tissue in the body will release certain chemicals that cause swelling around that joint. This may come from an injury or a disease, such as inflammatory arthritis. If a joint is inflamed, the immune response is to dilate the blood cells around the area, so that more white blood cells can reach the injury. So in this way, inflammation is a good thing, as it fights off body invaders. However, if it is consistent and over time, it can start to damage your joint.

This can cause pain, swelling around the joint area and redness and warmth around the affected area. If accompanied with a fever, this may indicate an infection and should be seen to immediately. Prescription medication, injections, dietary adjustments and physical therapy may all help ease your suffering in an immense way.

Joint Inflammation Need Not Slow You Down

Joint inflammation, if seen to and treated early, need not slow you down. If it is due to injury, then it is advisable to apply the RICE method – Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Massaging and applying heat or having a warm bath filled with Epsom salts, has also been known to help with the pain.

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